Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Is this an optical illusion of my husband slam dunking a basketball?

2. There is a reason I am a city girl-I can't handle the odor of cows relieving themselves.
3. Found a new eye shadow color that I love, Golden Halo by Maybelliene. I like to use it with purple or black eye shadow in my crease and outer corner of my eye!
4. It is often best to keep your opinions to yourself.
5. A while back I mentioned my concern about Klayton's lack of speech...don't think that will be mentioned again! There will be an upcoming post about this!
6. With children come humbling moments...
7. Bragging moment: While in Kohl's the other day a lady was going to put her shopping cart away when Klayton went up to her and did it for her. The lady congratulated me for already raising a gentleman-and told me that he is already more of a gentleman than most men today. I told her we are doing the best we can by God's grace!
8. Apparently, I have a brain disorder!

9. Ulta is one of my new favorite stores and it helps that when I bought a gift from there, they gave me a gift! A rolling weekend suitcase!
10. And just for fun, another pic that serves as a reminder that I am indeed a Scentsy consultant!

I hope your Tuesday is happy and that your home smells yummy!

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