Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Klayton!

I seriously cannot believe that my little guy is 3 today! Where has the time gone by, I can remember like it was yesterday giving birth to him and holding him for the first time and now he hardly wants to be held because he is growing up SO fast!

Here are some interesting facts about Klayton:

*Wear size 3t clothes.
*In a 7-8 toddler shoe.
*Weigh 33 lbs.
*Stand at about 36 inches in height!
*Know how to work an Ipad.
*Lately you are really into coloring.
*No longer use sippy cups, this has been a thing of the past for a while now.
*Sometimes when you are about to do something naughty you will look at me with a smile-a very cheesy smile-and wave at me…so funny!
*Definitely a Daddy’s boy, unless there is an injury and then you still need Mama!
*Lately everyone is, Mom. Crazy kid.
*Enjoy watching Special Agent: OSO as well as any dog related cartoon on Netflix!
*At night you enjoy having your back rubbed.
*I can’t remember the last time you wore a shirt to bed. Yes, I attempt to get a shirt on you; but as soon as you get to bed it comes off!
*You love zippers! In fact if you are wearing a zip up hoodie, it has to be zipped!
*Recently rode a carousel for the first time.
*Klayton enjoys playing with his cars and legos!
*Lately after giving an explanation of sorts to Klayton he will say, "ohhhh!"
*Knows how to dress and undress himself-including socks! Socks was a hard one for him to master for awhile; but he seems to finally got the hang of it.

A Few of his Favorite Things:

Riding his Go-Go, Tricycle! Klayton has really mastered the pedaling this summer and acts like he's been doing it all his life! He will ride his Go-Go everywhere...sometimes when I tell him its time to go potty he will ride it to the bathroom!

Balls! Whether its catching or kicking, a football or a basketball...none of it matters as long as it is a ball! I love his football tossing stance, he has it perfected to 100% complete cuteness!

Dogs...whether its talking about dogs, watching dogs or his stuffed animals-it doesn't take long to figure out that Klayton LOVES dogs and that is no exaggeration!

Andes Mints, these are his favorite treat as of late and at church he knows right where the candy dish is! Thankfully, his Grandma bought him his own package recently!

Car Slippers, I wasn't really sure what Klayton would think of wearing slippers since he is like me and prefers to be sockless and shoeless while inside; but he wears them everyday and has been known on an occasion or two to sleep with them!

Dear Little Mister,
You really are my Sunshine! I still find myself looking at you with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes thanking God for the gift you are to me! I have already made so many mistakes in the navigation of motherhood and have given several apologies to you already, those are the times in my life where I really see my weakness and I know God sees it and yet He still blessed me with this title of, Klayton's Mom!
Each day is a new adventure with you and I love seeing things through your eyes and watching your personality shine! You already have such a servant's heart and I pray that God will continue to cultivate that heart within and that you will grow to know the Lord and love the Lord with all your heart!
I love you, you will never know how much you mean to me...
All My Love,

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Happy Birthday, Klayton!