Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Rainbow

A few weeks ago, I laid in bed with Klayton and was having a rough night with my struggle to conceive. As I watched my little guy I was so thankful for him; but so heart broken because I wanted him to be a big brother. After about an hour of literally crying to the Lord about this, I boldly asked the Lord to give me another child or to give me peace that I would have another child someday. I purposed to do my best and to be "okay" with things and I was once again reminded that accepting where God has you now can be a daily struggle!
Speed up a couple weeks and that time was nearing. Joseph approached me about buying a pregnancy test and I quickly stated that it wasn’t an option and that I don’t particularly enjoy taking pregnancy tests-they never give me the right answer! But, a couple days later I started to wonder and decided he could buy me one only if he was convinced it would be okay! So, Tuesday, September 24, 2013 we went and bought one to take at my discretion. The following morning as I walked to the bathroom-sick to my tummy-I tried to talk myself out of this and even told the Lord how much I hated doing things like that! And I reminded the Lord that its been 2 LONG years of trying…and the Lord knew I couldn’t wait much longer for my positive so I guess that’s why before I could even put the test down it gave me a POSITIVE result! I literally ran back to the room, grabbed Joseph out of bed and pulled him to the bathroom to show him the news! I was ECSTATIC! Then it was all I could do to wait for Klayton to wake up and tell him he is going to be a big brother around May 26th, 2014!

This baby is already such a gift! Our little family has been through A LOT in the past 2 years-its not been easy and this gift is a reminder to me that there is ALWAYS a rainbow after the storm!


quiltmaker said...

I am so happy for you guys! Klayton will make such a great big brother. BTW, May 26 is my wedding anniversary!

hollie marie said...