Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Celebrating Klayton's Birthday

I think its safe to say that Klayton enjoyed 3 days of celebrating his 3rd birthday! I didn't get pictures of everything...like on Sunday how he was spoiled with gifts from people at our church! But, our celebration started on Saturday at Chuck E Cheese!
I must admit I don't know if going there is for Klayton or for Grandma because she has just as much fun!

But, none the less Klayton enjoys the rides...

And he enjoys doing things with his Daddy!

Klayton always has a blast at Chuck E Cheese and I should admit his daddy and I enjoy playing some of the games to earn tickets for prizes for him! I think we managed to score 150 tickets and Klayton snagged a slinky with the earnings!
Then came Monday-the BIG 3! Wow! Klayton woke up and seriously looked older to me! It might of been in my head; but he really is growing up SO fast! We did a small birthday party with my parents for him. When we arrived to my parents house my mom had streamers blocking the door way that he had to tear down to get through! It was fun and cute because after that all streamers had to be destroyed!
After the destruction of streamers we brought out the presents and before we even sat down Klayton was ripping into his presents!

I am so happy with the Radio Flyer Scooter we bought Klayton! He loves it and is scooting like a pro-he just needs to figure out how to turn it! Its a lean to turn scooter!

Klayton also got a puppy-no not a real puppy; but a puppy that barks, wags its tail and moves its paws! And apparently its close enough to real that shortly after opening it Klayton took to where my parents sometimes keep their own dogs-the kitchen and put up the baby gate so the puppy couldn't get out!

And of course after all the presents are opened we have to do the birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday! Unfortunately, Klayton had ZERO interest in being sang to and in the middle of the song decided he was done and got up off the chair to move onto something better! Thankfully, he came back to blow out his birthday candle!

Another birthday down and another year of life to look forward to with my Little Mister! Loving everyday with him!

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