Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Klayton is thinking ahead and likes to dress himself in his winter coat and boots! Did I mention he's a crazy kid? Since he likes to do this I sent him outside in the rain!

2. I canned for the first time and chose to do bread and butter pickles-compliments of my mom's garden!

3. Saturday my brother and his family will be here for a visit! Looking forward to time with them!

4. I picked up a cleaning job for a few hours each week!

5. Justus is finally at the point where I feel comfortable dressing him in shoes! Love baby shoes!

6. Most days I really don't recognize what a shower looks like so while in Wisconsin a friend of mine will be giving me a perm! Not an 80's perm!

7. My boys like to match. And my two littles are vying for the title of Boss!

8. I am currently on a kick to sell half of my closet as it is in desperate need of downsizing!

9. Next week, Klayton begins preschool. I may or may not tear up on that day, though I am excited! He is not that excited because he won't be riding a school bus.

10. Happy Tuesday!

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