Monday, June 21, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. This past weekend was Teapot Days! Joseph and I spent some time wondering around the booths that were set up of people trying to sell things, watched a guy I used to work with provide some afternoon entertainment and later enjoyed the fireworks with friends!
2. Currently we are at my parents until Wednesday night and my mom's number one goal? To fatten me up! Which may not be to bad of an idea, maybe, just maybe if I purpose to eat a little more, maybe it will help Klayton's growth!
3. I will find out, a week from Wednesday, if this extra eating is paying off! I go back to the peri-specialist on June 30th. We are praying that Klayton's tummy will be growing and that I won't have to keep returning for 2 week visits.
4. My Scentsy party that I hosted last Tuesday night was a huge success! I was getting nervous as people were cancelling, no shows...would I even make at least $150to just get one free item?! I ended up having a $700 party and came away with $100 worth of free stuff and three 1/2 price items! Woohoo!
5. Next Tuesday and Wednesday is when we move to Harrisburg...still lots of packing to get done. Do I have any volunteers to come help me?
6. Fun fact about me, I used to play in a dart league when I was a teenager! The reaon I am recalling this is, my dad pulled out the dart board and Joseph and I have been playing darts with him today! I actually like to play and I play "decent"! I used to be good; but I've lost the "touch"! lol!
7. Does anyone have a solution for relieving back aches while pregnant? I have been curious about heating pads; but I get nervous using them because I don't want to make it to hot...
8. Father's Day, did you remember to tell your dad, "Happy Father's Day"? I did, I got my dad a card! Then, Klayton and I celebrated Joseph, as he is already a daddy! We gave him 2 cards and a new electric razor that he has been needing! I just can't wait for the day when he holds Klayton for the first...I just know that I will see love!
9. A week from Friday, our friend from Michigan will be arriving-hopefully we will be somewhat organized in our new place before he arrives or he just might be arriving to a mess! Oh no!
10. Okay, so here's wishing you all a, Happy Tuesday!!!

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Melissa said...

I've been experiencing back pain with this pregnancy as well. So today, I asked Dr. Landeen about it, and she gave me a booklet all about it... ask next time you're in the office. Anyway, it does say use a heating pad... this doesn't really hurt baby. It also suggests using ice packs for 20 minutes to numb the area, back massages, and warm, not hot, baths! Good luck!