Friday, June 25, 2010

Trash, Trucks & Guns

Klayton has already had his first experience in the crossfire-literally-and he is not even out of my belly yet! Wednesday night, Joseph and I were leaving Sioux City, Iowa to head home. We were behind an Escalade as we were getting on the interstate, the lane we were merging with was completely available for entrance. The girls driving the Escalade were on their cell phones and suddenly started braking, so at 55 mph we had to quickly jump into the other lane to avoid hitting them. So, jumping into the passing lane we were suddenly on the tail of a red ranger truck that was only traveling at 45 mph. He locked his brakes, we weren't meaning to tail him, so we passed him and didn't give a second thought to it. Joseph noticed him speeding up alongside us but just thought the guy realized that he had been driving below the speed limit. We were not ready for what would happen next. When the truck was at our side, he started throwing trash at our van, calling out profanities and acting as if he was going to try to run us off the road. Joseph had me call the police and while waiting for a connection the guy ran out of trash, ran us into the cement highway divider and pulled out a gun on us. Seriously, he pulled a gun out and aimed it right at us. If I would have rolled down my window and reached my hand out I probably could have touched the perpetruators vehicle! Finally, we came to a point where you either were forced to go straight or exit-thankfully the guy was in the forced exit lane. As we traveled further on and were certain that he was not getting back on the interstate we exited to a gas station for a very deserved A&W Rootbeer and a Twix bar. Overall, it was not a pleasant situation for this pregnant lady to be in! I am so thankful for God's protection of His children! So, there you have it a brief version of our gun story..

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Lindsay said...

OH MY WORD!!! How scary!!