Wednesday, May 4, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Well this one will be easy, yes I know its Wednesday and not Tuesday....I'm a little behind.
2. Did you know May is national scrapbook month and that Saturday is the main day for it? I asked Joseph what we were going to do to celebrate...I didn't get an answer. Maybe I will observe Saturday by scraping all day...and I'm really hoping and yes I prayed that just maybe I would win the giveaway at the scrapbook store on Saturday.
3. Training for the 5k is coming along...I don't know that I'm necessarily making great success; but I'm trying!
4. It's beginning to look like South Dakota finally got the memo on this thing called warmer weather.
5. My parents are coming up this weekend. My mom is going to come to a Mother/Daughter brunch with me. I think the added bonus for her is that she gets to see Klayton.
6. Speaking of Klayton...it appears he is allergic to carrots. I introduced carrots to him last Thursday and he broke out in a mild pinpoint rash. So, no new foods for him until that rash is gone.
7. I can't believe it; but my brother gets married in a week. No one left to marry off in my family.
8. Have I ever mentioned how I would rather clean my bathroom then do my dishes? I hate doing dishes and my dishwasher has once again gone on the fritz and isn't working. I hope it gets fixed soon.
9. I'm slowly working at introducing Klayton to sippy cups. Any suggestions? He's not to crazy about them. Since he's only 6 months I'm not pushing it. As of right now I only give him a sippy cup with juice after bath time.
10. Well, have a happy Wednesday, I'm off to find new sun glasses for Klayton since I broke his.

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Melissa said...

Samantha adjusted easily to sippy cups... well, straw cups, not sippy cups. Our doctor said not to use sippy cups. Maggie, on the other hand still uses a bottle, much to my dismay. We haven't introduced Gavin yet.

Anyway, back to straw cups- we introduced Sam to them by using a straw in water, and dripping it into her mouth. She learned to suck on the straw that way, and adjusted easily to the straw cups.