Monday, December 26, 2011

14 Months (A Week Late)

I have quickly discovered that getting a 14 month old to cooperate with getting a picture is not an easy task! Hence, the reason we are a week late!
Klayton you are 14 Months Old!

This Month:
*You went to the library for the first time and you really enjoy exploring their toys and books.
*Have been taken off baby food completely!
*No longer drink from a bottle, even stopped taking one before bed.

*Weigh 20 lbs...crazy! You feel much heavier!
*Check in at 30 inches in length.
*Wear 12 month clothes.
*Are in size 4 diapers.
*Wear size 4 shoes.
*Love to climb the stairs.
*Enjoy playing in the kitchen cupboards and drawers...this means you take everything out; but don't always put it back!
*Do not like spicy food.
*Love to walk and it has now become your main mode of transportation!
*You are a night owl and love to sleep in! Definitely our child, daddy and I really love this about you!
*Still love music and dancing to it! Grandpa Thrasher says you are a pentecostal!
*Try and take your shirt off, so funny! You can get your hands out of your sleeve; but haven't managed to pull your shirt over your head YET!
*You get really hyper before bed, it is fun to get hyper with you!
*You love to chase and be chased.
*Have a fascination with mommy's purse...don't think your future wife will appreciate you going through her purse.
*Are constantly on the go, you can't seem to sit still.
*Still trying to get you to put food in your own mouth. Had a small success with french fries! But, I guess I can be thankful that you don't put a lot of things in your mouth.
*Are such a determined and stubborn child! Oh my...going to have to teach you balance!
*Have recently become more of a cuddle bug, love those moments!
*You have so many toys and yet you choose to play with the Christmas decorations, dvd cases..
*Love to play with mommy and daddy's cell phones.

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