Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas With Family

Yes, I am doing several posts on Christmas! I just have so many pictures and things to write about and decided I might be able to keep your interest longer if I break it up into several "shorter" posts!
My parents, brother, his wife and my brother in law all came up for Christmas Eve Day...my sister sadly had to work. Normally everyone comes on Christmas Day; but with this being on a Sunday this year it didn't work. So, they all came up and we spent the day eating homemade pizza, snacking on strawberry cream cheese balls and toffee balls. We also did some gift exchanging!

Klayton quickly got the art of opening presents down and had to help Grandma out! After all the present was from him, a Grandma cup with hot chocolate and a chocolate spoon! I'm sure she will think of him everytime she drinks from the cup!

Daddy, didn't need any help opening his games and gift cards to Olive Garden!

Now that I think about it, Klayton only helped those receiving presents from him! Because here he is helping Grandpa!

Opening presents is hard work! Good thing Aunt Brandy was up from Oklahoma so Klayton could catch some shut eye!

And, who knew the day wasn't even half over!

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