Friday, June 29, 2012

Faith Puts Me in Awe

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I'm laying in bed, wide awake as usual! As I reflect over my day, I lay here in awe. Much of our lifestyle, missionaries, is lived by faith-or it appears that way! Sadly, there are many times in my life that I lack faith. This morning I woke up hopeful as I knew we had two big bills due. I knew we had money coming our way, so I called our church secretary and asked that she get our deposit made before the cut off. A while later, she texted me to say that it would be only $50. What? That's not enough. Frustration set in. I called my husband who had just left to go into town. What were we going to do? It didn't matter that just the other day we spoke about how we needed to be more willing to live by faith. So, I started praying as I tried to "fix" the situation myself! Then Klayton broke his sunglasses and I started crying as I told him that Mommy didn't have money to buy him new ones. I led my 20 month old over to couch and on my knees I cried out to the Lord. When I opened my eyes, Klayton was kneeling over the couch as well, as if he had been praying. I texted my prayer partner to start praying as well and deep in my heart I was still concerned but yet there was also peace. As day drew to a close, I received another text message from the church secretary. She had made another much larger deposit that would now cover our bills and then some! I was overwhelmed with the goodness of my God!

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Pink Slippers said...

Thanks for linking up. What an amazing testimony. And the whole time you were showing your own little one about going to God in time of struggles. You are a wonderful woman of God.