Friday, March 8, 2013

A Heart for Jesus

In our house we love The Lord. We aren't the perfect Christians by far and we have a lot to learn and grow in; but I'm thankful that despite me my little guy is already learning Who Jesus is!
A couple of weeks ago, he stole a Bible from Sunday School class-yes we know the Bible says, "thou shalt not steal". We told his teacher and she actually wanted to get rid of it because she had bought brand new Bibles. Klayton proudly carried that Bible with him...even wanted to take it with him into Kohls! So, we let him be our little witness!

Last night when it was time for bed, Klayton ran the other way. Typical kid! We thought he was going to get Victor the Bear or his puppy to sleep with. He came into his room with a Bible tucked under his arm and climbed into bed. We did bedtime prayers and turned the lights off...I really thought he would put the Bible aside before he fell asleep; but he didn't. When I peeked at him this morning his Bible was still tucked into bed with him. I really wish I could have snapped a picture but I didn't want to wake him.

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