Friday, March 22, 2013

Book 1 of 12

Bucket List 2013-Read 12 books I've never read before.

Honestly, I've read 3 other books besides this one this week. But, wanted my 12 books for my bucket list to be meaningful! I must admit, this was a good choice! I had downloaded this book for free on my Kindle Fire a few weeks back; but its a book that I would be willing to buy if I had to!

A Faithfull Marriage by Paul Chappell

A few favorite excerpts:

"When He is absent from our hearts, the best we can hope for is the ability to simply 'get by'. "

"It all begins with HIM".

"Too many marriages today suffer from 'conditionitis'-we conduct our relationships as though it is a contract negotiation rather than a loving commitment. We place conditions upon our love. We expect our spouse to change, to perform or to behave a certain way, and when our expectations are not met, our love is not freely given. These conditions keep us from fully accepting each other as Hod commands".

"The foundation of gratitude is the expectation of nothing".

"Throughout our lives, it is natural (not spiritual) for all of us to think of ourselves first".

"It's sad that we would so allow the dreams of our hearts to die on the altar of selfishness".

"The secret of harmony in the home is the fullness of the Spirit".

"Your marriage relationship needs consistent attention".

"Weak marriages are made up of score keepers. Strong marriages are made up of grace givers."

Honestly, I highlighted a ton of good points. I liked this book because it was short, yet to the point full of strength and practical! Also, I don't like it when authors spend a lot of time quoting others and Paul Chappell quoted the Bible more than anyone else-it was evident his basis was from the Bible!

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