Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. This month I am going to strive to post at least 2 times a week on my blog.
2. Last night we got a hotel with a whirlpool in it and I think Klayton thought we got that feature just for him!
3. I should mention that we are in the process of moving...like to another state TODAY. I will post details later.
4. I should have taken pictures when we loaded the moving truck yesterday. Klayton loved the truck and walking the ramp...he even loaded a couple of boxes! I wonder if when we unload anyone will notice the empty box that has been packed?!
5. I really need to get working on my reading list of 12 books to read. Any book suggestions?
6. Last week we had to renew our car tags. As I walked in I saw my notice said they expired on the 31st of January. I went in and told the clerk that I must not understand the system because my current sticker said 2...so I thought it didn't expire until the end of February. She apologized for their error and I was very understanding about their error and was thankful that I wasn't charged a penalty. But, then I felt foolish as I walked to my van and noticed our current tag did indeed bare the number 1! It was not their error; but mine...oy.
7. Has anyone ever made a slip cover for a couch or chair from a sheet? If so, please share!
8. I'm looking forward to enjoying the 60s at the close if week...winter can leave in my opinion.
9. Since starting this post I drove across Nebraska into Kansas and our moving truck is unloaded!
10. Okay, seriously coming up with 10 random thoughts shouldn't have been that difficult; but it was.


Melissa said...

What?! No more random running into you?!

Kendra said...
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Kendra said...

I actually thought about that! We went to Texas Roadhouse right before we left and thought about running into you there!