Thursday, March 28, 2013

Klayton's First Bike

Klayton has had a fascination with bikes for a while now. It seems every time we go down a bike aisle at a store, or if we are taking a walk and happen upon a bike you can count on Klayton trying to get on one! Well, much to Klayton's happiness while we were in Michigan his Grammy bought him a Cars bike! I should mention that he also loves Cars as well!

Klayton has his combat hat and is ready to "help" Daddy assemble the bike!

Putting bikes together require the work of a Daddy, a Grampy and a little boy!

Grandpa, are you sure you are doing that right?

Looks like it is almost complete!

But, just to be sure let Klayton check it over...

It is a success and this little guy is ready to roll!

And this mommy is thankful that Klayton also has a fascination with wearing bike helmets!

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