Friday, December 27, 2013

One Week

It is almost three o'clock and at this time next week my little family will be on our way to Des Moines for an overnight trip. The drive will be boring I am sure! However, the conversation will make it go fast as we will have just discovered WHO Baby B is! I am so excited for my little family of three to step into that ultrasound room and discover WHO will be making us a family of four! Will it be a another boy who will continue to add to our never ending supply of balls? Or will it be a girl who will stand at the sidelines with a pom pom cheering on her brother? I am SO excited to learn who this blessing is and I am so thankful that my God answers prayer as this baby is a direct answer to prayer!

**Please remember to vote in the poll to the right concerning baby's gender! If you are viewing from a mobile device you will need to choose to view this page as a web version so that you may participate in the vote!

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