Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pregnant Tuesdays

1. I have been craving A&W Root Beer like you wouldn’t believe. To convince you let me share my story, it was Sunday morning and time for breakfast. I went to the kitchen and desperately wanted to pour myself a nice cold glass of root beer; but I managed to instead just have my bowl of cereal. It was rough, because seriously as I ate my cereal I could only think of root beer. I just might have indulged and allowed myself a glass before church…
2. Another root beer story. The following Monday I once again had a battle of wills in the kitchen, I poured my cereal and almost poured root beer in my bowl instead of milk. Thankfully, I realized what I was doing and while I may be suffering from a severe root beer craving I really don’t think that root beer and lucky charms would mix well.
3. I looked back on my pregnancy cravings with Klayton and I realize that I craved root beer then as well. Could this be a sign that I am once again carrying a boy? Mmm…
4. When I am pregnant I have crazy dreams and sometimes, scary dreams. The other night I dreamed about Little Caesars pizza and their breadsticks. Unfortunately, there is no Little Caesars around to make this dream a reality.
5. Am I the only pregnant person that can’t tell the difference between hiccups and the baby moving?
6. I am 17 weeks and yet this pregnancy continues to feel surreal.
7. I asked Klayton once again if he wanted a girl baby or a boy baby, I was ready for him to say, “no, dog” as this was his response last time. However, he surprised me and said, “gool” which I translate to mean girl! In just a couple weeks we will see!
8. I confess that I haven’t voted in my own poll regarding the gender of Baby B. Why? Well, I am really still on the fence…some days I think boy and other days I think girl. It kind of depends on how I am feeling that day and what pregnancy symptoms are evident at the time.
9. Sometimes when I think that I feel the baby move; but I’m not entirely certain I make myself freeze and try to hold my breath so just maybe I can verify the movement. Needless to say, after all this effort I will then feel nothing…
10. Is it possible to feel like time is standing still in this pregnancy yet flying at the same time?

Happy Tuesday!

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