Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Christmas

Once upon a time it was Christmas 2013 and this Mama was missing her camera battery charger. Because of this sad deed she did not take all the pictures she wanted with her camera and was too lazy to upload the pictures from her phone of the family opening their stockings, baking a birthday cake for Jesus or spending time with family and friends on Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning came quickly and excitement filled the air. The Christmas story was once again read, the biscuits and gravy were made and the presents were opened.
A little boy, opened the gift of music.

He opened the gift of comfort that would come in a small chair...

And his mother and father were enjoying the sense of knowing their little boy LOVED his presents this year! As the day continued on the little family journeyed to Grandpa and Grandma's house.
Much to the grandparents relief their grandson was able to help them open their presents-without him the gifts would still be in their wrapping.

His daddy was also relieved to have the help of his son as opening a present could be a tough job!

Thankfully, the challenge of opening presents is not a difficult task for a three year old.

But, it doesn't hurt to have a Grandma to play along with!

And with full tummies and full hearts this family enjoyed their Christmas from start to finish!

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