Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Trying a New Dish-Bucket List

Just a few weeks away from celebrating my 32nd birthday and working at getting things crossed off my bucket list for the year. I am realizing that I won't cross everything off; but I will have completed half of the list. And one of those things will be…

8. Try a new dish instead of ordering the same old thing when I go out to eat.

Yes, I am THATperson who knows exactly what I will be ordering before I go into a restaurant. Don't believe me?? Here is a short list: Johnny Carino's-tortelloni, Olive Garden-cheese ravioli with a meat sauce, Red Robin-clucks and fries, Arby's-a small number one combo, Subway-italian bmt on honey oat, with; lettuce, onion, green pepper, banana pepper, spinach, pickles and mayo. I am definitely a creature of habit!

I actually was able to cross this one off my bucket list a few months ago when we went to Red Robin for my dad's birthday. I ordered the, Whiskey River BBQ Chicken sandwich

And yes, I made sure that it wasn't actually made with whiskey! It is just the name of the sauce. I really think our waiter thought I was crazy as I was explaining to him that I am pregnant, I don't drink and I am not convinced that all the alcohol, etc. that people use to cook with actually cooks out.

Was I pleased with my choice? Well, I am pleased that I actually went against my "creature of habit" routine and branched out; but I don't think it was wise while pregnant! You just never know how things are going to set with you and I did enjoy the sandwich at first; but I couldn't finish the last few bites because it suddenly tasted nasty. I really think that the last few bites lacked BBQ sauce and the combination of chicken, lettuce and onion rings was dry and therefore, a little much for me to handle.

Will I order this item again? Probably. But more often than not I will just stick with my creature of habit choice and get the Clucks and Fries!

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