Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Month (A Few Days Late)

Klayton you are one month old! Wow, time is passing so fast already…I can only imagine how fast these days full of changes will come and go. But anyway…
*You wear newborn diapers.
*You weigh 6 lbs 12 oz, 22 inches long as of last doctor appointment.
*At night you sleep 7-8 hours, waking only once for a feeding.
*The shirts that fit you best are newborn/preemie and most newborn clothes are still too big.
*You are discovering your voice and make soft “oh” sounds.
*Your newest thing is sticking out your tongue.
*During the day you eat generally every 3-4 hours unless you are having a growth spurt then its every 2 hours.
*For the most part you are a very content baby-you hardly ever cry unless I’ve not noticed your hunger cues then we realize that you do have a very good set of lungs.

This month:
*You had your 1st car trip.
*You met your Great Grandma and Grandpa Collins.
*You traveled to Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana.
*You went to your first wedding…Tommy Glosser and Ashley Foster.

Dear Babycakes,
I love you so much and I really don’t understand how it is possible to love such a little person in such an indescribable way. My love for you grows each day! Sometimes, all I want to do is stare at you and then I end up picking you up to cuddle because I just can’t resist!
It seems I apologize to you everyday, reminding you that I am new at this mommy thing! But, we are learning together! Daddy does a great job helping me out with you and encouraging me that I really am a good mommy! Hopefully, in 18 years you can say that you agree with him! Ha!
There were many days of waiting to get pregnant and many days of pregnancy and thinking the day will never come for me to hold my baby in my arms. I look back at those days and in hindsight the waiting really wasn’t forever long and I realize now that God knew the baby…the child I would need! You are that child Klayton-you were worth the wait! I am so thankful that God sees the big picture, He knows what He is doing and that He answers prayer! I praise the Lord everyday for you!
Love You Sunshine,

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