Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10 on Tuesday

This week, I thought I would do something a little different! This post is dedicated to 10 random thoughts or tips on being a mommy, baby products and delivery of baby!

1. Labor and delivery is NOT like its portrayed on television. You do sweat…it is work; but there is no need for screaming like they sometimes do on television. The pain is intense, contractions are worse than pushing the baby out; but the pain really does instantly go away as soon as baby is out!
2. It’s okay to turn visitors away during your hospital stay. It is also okay to ask visitors to leave the room if necessary-this even includes family!
3. Don’t apologize for baby spit up or dirty diapers-those are things that are out of your control.
4. Everyone has advice! It is your choice to listen or ignore it. Do what you and your husband feel is best, listen to your “woman’s intuition”!
5. Favorite bottles, Playtex Drop Ins! I love these, they are so easy to clean! After baby has finished the milk, you throw the liner away and all that really requires cleaning is the bottle nipple!
6. Carry an extra set of baby clothes in the diaper bag-you just never know what could happen when you are out and about! And, if you are a nursing mom you might even consider carrying an extra shirt!
7. Munchkin carries an attachment for diaper bags that disposes bags that smells like baking soda for dirty diapers! These are perfect for when you are a guest in another home and don’t want to leave the stench of dirty diapers behind!
8. Speaking of dirty diapers…the Diaper Genie or as my husband calls it, “diaper incinerator” is a must!
9. There is no need to register for baby clothes or baby blankets!
10. Enjoy every minute of being a mommy! These days will not last forever.

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