Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 on Tuesday...

1. Congrats to my sister and her new husband! They were married this past Saturday. This is me and my sis...

2. My grandparents were here for the wedding and gave Klayton his first Easter basket!

3. A favorite photo of mine from Saturday.

4. I had a great time staying up on Friday night chatting with my future sister in law.
5. My brother gets married in 25 days which means I really need to get cracking at their wedding music.
6. I'm sure by now you have noticed that the above pictures are watermarked. While it may be annoying, I have decided to start doing it for a little more security. So, yep if you steal a picture from my blog it will be watermarked. I'm still playing around with it, but for now I hope this will work!
7. I really hope these April showers bring May flowers and warmth, sunlight...
8. We had started to introduce Klayton to cereal and by day 5 he was refusing to open his mouth. So, we put the cereal on hold and I will be trying again on Thursday...maybe he will open his mouth for me this time!
9. I like doing 10 on Tuesday for the purpose of random thoughts; but it doesn't work so well for me when I am having a difficult time coming up with random thoughts!
10. While it may be cold still and I am not to crazy about that; I am enjoying the fact that it gives me the excuse to treat myself to a white chocolate caramel cappuccino and white chocolate kit kat bars! lol!

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