Monday, April 4, 2011

All Things Random

Sometimes I feel like I'm doing really good and posting a lot through out the week, then I realize its been a week since I posted. To say the least I have been busy...
Last week through today has been spent doing a ton of cleaning. It feels good to get things done; but I know there is still more to do...I think there will always be more to do. Do you have any time saving cleaning tips, feel free to share them in my comments! I am always in need of genius tips!
On Friday, we had some friends over-it was so fun! Their little boy, Chase is just 7 weeks younger than Klayton and we just know that they are going to be buds as they get older! We laid the boys next to each other and they held hands, stared at each other and yes, Klayton even hit Chase! Klayton also showed his jealous side, I was holding Chase and Klayton would not stop fussing until I put Chase down, it was so funny! At the same time, it was a reminder of how characteristics of jealousy don't need to be taught.

Klayton has been working on some teeth for a couple of months and this weekend they have finally started to push through! Hopefully, they will pop all the way through soon; but at least it seems the end is in sight! Yay!
We broke down and decided to get my wedding rings sized, I haven't worn them since the beginning of my pregnancy and was really hoping they would fit soon after I gave birth; but it is now April and they are still to small. Sad. So, I got the rings back this weekend, I just love my wedding set....

Things I'm looking forward to this week...dinner with my friend Jessica, my parents coming up this weekend, my sisters bridal shower, which I'm giving a devotion for and maybe some jewelry making or scrapbooking! This post has been completely random and I would like to promise that I will be better; but I better not! ha!

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