Monday, April 11, 2011

A Monday One of Many Busy Days

I have been keeping very busy lately. It seems that we are always on the go or that there is always something to do at home. I think things will continue to remain busy as this Saturday my sister will be getting married.
I have also decided that subconsciously I must want to be "chunky" or else I would be totally and completely motivated to be dieting and losing tons of weight. I really am frustrated with myself. I had lost a bunch of weight about a month and a half ago and put some of it back on when I stopped nursing my son. I told Joseph that for the next two weeks I need to at least do sit ups before bed each night. And, if I don't get control of my weight now its going to be worse after baby number 2-no, I am not pregnant and if I am I don't even realize it yet! Does anyone have any tips to share of small changes that I could make and hopefully stay committed to?
This past weekend we started Klayton on cereal! I was going to wait until his 6 month birthday; but since my parents were here I thought it would be a special milestone to share with them! I knew my mom, especially would be thrilled! We are starting him with rice cereal and I am choosing not to introduce any other baby foods until he gets the concept down. He is beginning to understand that he needs to at least open his mouth for the spoon; but once the spoon enters his mouth he doesn't really know quite what to do yet! So, we will continue to work on this daily. He goes for his 6 month check up at the end of the month, so I am hoping to seek a little more guidance from my doctor about it!
Speaking of Klayton, he is doing SO great in his crib! Since we travel so much he is not used to being in his own crib and we have had some trying nights with that. But, now he goes down just fine with no fussing at all! Last night he woke up around 4:30 and I immediately got a bottle ready to go for him; but he apparently he just wanted to play and boy did he play! He played until 5:20 and made his way all over his crib as he kicked, talked and laughed! I just sat on the futon and listened to him until he wore himself out and went back to sleep. Every day I continued to be amazed at the gift he is to us and as I watch the new discoveries he makes! God has been SO good to me!

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Carter Family Adventures said...

We are always MUCH busier when we are home then when we're away working!! Going back to a job site is relaxing because we go back to a routine. At home it's running here, running there, seeing this, doing that. So I understand you there!
As far as Klayton eating, does he need to eat cereal yet? He's not underweight, is he? It seems to me that if he can't/doesn't want to eat the cereal once it's in his mouth then he isn't ready and doesn't need to eat yet. Just my thoughts. Two of mine didn't have any interest in eating "real" food until around nine months.
Enjoy him being a baby! He doesn't need to do everything yet! :)