Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday-Around the House

Today I'm once again linking up with Jamie for what I'm Loving Wednesday!

We have had a little extra money this month and have done some decorating or changes around our townhouse with that money! So, I'm absolutely loving it and wanted to share! Some of the decorations, specifically for Klayton's room are all in thanks of my wonderful Grandpa and Grandma Collins!

I'm Loving this new bedding set and wall art!

We purchased the comforter, decorative pillows, shams, sheets and even valances as a set from, of all places-Sam's Club! We got a great deal on it! It is also so soft, each night we go to bed saying, "Ahh..."! The wall art we picked up at Gordmans and I love it because it goes great with our set-I just hope it doesn't fall on us while we are sleeping! lol!

I'm loving that Kohl's had their picture frames on sale for 50% off last week and we were able to get some photos framed that have been sitting around for ages...like the picture of my husband kissing my belly while pregnant! We also got a little stand to prop our mirror on, you know make it look more expensive than the $5 I paid for it!

I'm loving this new wall art for our living room! From the beginning Joseph and I have always used the phrase always and forever and it has continued to stick as we have added a baby to our lives! So, I really love the word FOREVER!

I'm loving this fire pot that Joseph bought me as part of an early Mother's Day present! You just had fire gel, its called something like that and light the gel and it burns and crackles like a fireplace. It has wonderful ambiance and radiates heat! Whats great is that the flames don't smoke and so there is no fumes or smoke discoloring the walls and you can use it inside or outside!

I'm loving this little hat/coat rack for Klayton's room! That little Michigan cap is still too big for his head and I can't wait for the day it fits him and I have a feeling that I will be taking a ton of pictures of him in it with his daddy!

I'm loving the sport shelf and toy chest...all in thanks of my grandparents! And believe me there are already some toys filling that toy chest!

I'm loving this football lamp, again courtesy of my grandparents! Now if I could just find the perfect place for it...I was really hoping it would have fit on top of the shelf; but it doesn't.

I'm loving taking showers with this duck that quacks! lol! Actually, I'm loving it because its the perfect size for Klayton to take a bath in and have room to splash and play! He loves bathtime with that duck!

And, as always I'm loving my boys!

P.S. I am only watermarking pictures with people in it!


Kit said...

Love this post!
Great things you are loving today!

JTR said...

That fire gel looks aweseom! I am going ot have to look for that!