Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. So, I'm giving in and getting my eyes checked on Friday. I really hate the puff of air and spending the money.
2. This past weekend was so fun! I was able to spend some time with an old college roomie and some other friends from college.
3. Very sore from "shredding" with Jillian. It better be worth the aches!
4. Currently, we are in Pampa, Texas and I am enjoying the gorgeous weather! I think a walk is in order for the day!
5. Money. It's a necessary evil and I sometimes despise it.
6. I might soon be doing an anti-DQ post. Went there for lunch yesterday and needed to change a diaper; but how could I when there was no changing station to be found?
7. I've been growing my hair out since last summer and it's finally able to be put in a ponytail! Yay!
8. Klayton has been fighting a cold and that means lots of practice at doing the nose sucker? Am I the only mom out there that absolutely stinks at that job?
9. Let me give a shout out to the Olive Garden in Amarillo, Texas for their BAD service. The manager stopped at our table to ask about our service, so we told him-it was slow, not friendly, etc. We were nice, when complaining! However, our waitress overheard and became even more rude. When it was time to give us the check she literally threw it down on our table. She didn't give us mints and we didn't leave a good tip.
10. Well, I am off to make name tags for our church ladies retreat and maybe I will make some jewelry!
Happy Tuesday!

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Carter Family Adventures said...

I hate doing the nose sucky thing! I want an electric one like they have in hospitals. Well, if I were having more babies anyway.