Thursday, March 8, 2012

Missionary Wife-Home is a Suitcase

A long time ago I started a series…well it was supposed to be a series! Ha! I have decided to revive the series, “Missionary Wife”! We will see how long this revival will last! But, then also after I wrote this post I popped over at Kelly's Korner and realized she was doing a ministry wife link up! I thought about changing my post to something different; but decided not to and just give a glimpse into my life on the road!
My role as a missionary wife often means that 95% of the time I set my home up from a suitcase. My home could be in one place in the morning and be somewhere completely different by bedtime. What I look forward to is times where we can settle down for a few days, maybe a week and set up home! I have learned that where my boys are so is my home.
My home involves the things I choose to bring on our next “tour” of deputation. Obviously, I pack the essentials…toiletries and clothes! I pack a bag of toys, books and dvds for Klayton, a few books for me, my journal and my beads to make jewelry. It is really not practical to pack things of personal sentiment, like my scrapbooks. I always have my camera with me to snap that picture of something or a moment I will always want to remember.
I am reminded often how this lifestyle goes against the nature of a lady-or at least most ladies. We all have a desire to have our own home, our safe place where walls are decorated with pictures, its okay for clothes to be strewn on the floor and we can eat off our own plates! I may be the only one that feels this way; but it is sometimes hard on my heart and emotions to be constantly packing up and saying goodbye to new friends I have made a long the way. And then there are times where I don’t mind one bit to be packing up and moving on to the next place! Ha!
We often hear the phrase, “this feels like home” or “I felt right at home” those are the places that I love to be! For me, home is not just in 4 walls or inside a van. My home is the road and becomes the places we love to be and with people that we feel an instant attachment to. I think many people don’t realize that when a missionary is at their church to share their ministry, or staying in their home that the wife is longing to be herself. For that moment where not everyone is expecting her kids to be perfect…for that moment where she can talk about something other than answering another question about their ministry, even though she doesn’t mind talking about it! It is just nice to be able to talk girl things, about that favorite hobby or that funny thing that caused her to laugh uproariously! She longs for even that moment of silence, to go to bed early, lounge in her pajamas in bed with a good book…those are the moments that remind them of home!

Now, I want you to understand that this was a means for me to share my heart. I am NOT complaining about my role as a missionary wife and if you choose to take it that way, well that is your problem. It is sad that I have to preface that; but I am sure that there will be people that will misconstrue what I said and twist it.


hollie marie said...

Thanks for sharing! Living in a constant state of "temporary" must be difficult, but what an adventure!

Mindy said...

Hi There! Thanks for sharing this. As a pw myself (over from Kelly's Korner) living in parsonages I can totally relate to the desire to have your own home.
Blessings as you go!
in HIM-

Carter Family Adventures said...

I started imagining "If this were my home, I would decorate it like this..." This time of traveling is temporary and soon you'll be on a new adventure! I was a little bit sad when we ended deputation because it was fun to see a lot of places we wouldn't have otherwise seen, and meet a lot of people we never would have met. But there are ups and downs to everything.