Sunday, March 25, 2012

17 Months a Few Days Late

Klayton you are 17 months!

*Still wear size 4 diapers.
*Wear size 5 shoes, except for one pair. 
*Clothes 12-18 months. 
*Expressing independence more and more. 
*Developing an imagination. 
*Have become quite the mimic!
*Will wave to people at the appropriate times now!
*Love to play with other kids. 
*Recently been a daddy's boy. 
*Climb on everything. 
*Still afraid to go down stairs; but no problems going up. 
*Will kick, throw balls and hit them with your golf clubs. 
*Are really good at following patterns. 
*Love to sing and dance! You are always where the music is!
*When you are at the park you would rather play in the wood chips and dirt than the swing. You do like slides as well. 
 *Still enjoy playing the chase game. 
*Love bath time and going swimming...you are definitely a water baby. 
*Have discovered the art of picking your nose-gross!
*Are starting to learn how to write/color on paper. 
*Knows the concept of the iPad and iPhone...knows that you are to swipe at the screen to open apps. 
*Learned to work the remote it must be pointed at the tv and from there you just push buttons!
*Know how to put a disc into the laptop!
*Would rather walk than ride in the stroller!
*When its time for diaper change, you lift your legs to help me as I remove the old diaper and put on the new diaper.
*Love to brush your teeth!
*Follows some instructions, such as: "Come here". "Brush your teeth". "Stop". "No sir". "Give Victor hugs".
*Unfortunately, you have also started hitting our face when you are not happy, this is a big NO-NO!
*When people try to shake your hand you offer them hugs instead.
*Discovered the art of flushing toilets!
*When at a public restroom you have discovered that you can crouch and peek underneath to the next stall. Do not be a 'Peeping Tom'!

Some First for the month, not always good...
*Scratched a kid across the face in the nursery. It was over a toy that you wanted.
*I cut your hair for the first time! You did so well. I was nervous about doing it; but you sat still for me on 3 separate occasions...yes I had to redo some areas just because I had to be a perfectionist! You will thank me later!
*Climbed out of pack and play and into our bed.

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