Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 on Tuesday

So, before I begin my regular post-I want to tell you about something my baby boy did to me last night. While watching television with Joseph I was lounging on our loveseat resting my arm on my belly as I played a game on Joseph’s phone. Apparently, Klayton did not want me to be using his ‘home” as an arm rest. How do I know this? Well, my baby boy moved my arm…I don’t know if he was kicking or punching; but I felt a swift movement that caused my arm to slightly come off of my belly! After about a minute of laughing at what had just happened, I decided to put my arm back and see what he would do. He gave me some quick taps; but nothing like the first one that caused my arm to move. Maybe he realized that I had found it funny-the opposite reaction of what he was probably going for and decided that he knew my arm was back where it didn’t belong; but he would let it remain!
Today for 10 on Tuesday, I thought it would be fun to do a list of things I am learning as a pregnant woman!

1. The bathroom should be your address.
2. Walking up stairs is a workout.
3. Bath tubs are not meant for the use of pregnant woman.
4. It is still possible to sweat…glisten…perspire-even with a fan blowing directly on you.
5. A craving cannot be substituted or ignored.
6. Just because you liked a certain food or beverage before pregnancy it does not mean you still do.
7. Everyone has advice on what you should or should not do or on what you should and should not eat.
8. They say 9 months; but the truth be told you are really considered to be pregnant for 10 months.
9. Cocoa butter doesn’t always work for stretch marks.
10. Feeling your baby’s love taps is one of the greatest feelings ever!

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