Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. Tonight my friend Deanna, is hosting an all night scrapbook party! My husband thinks I will be out like a light by 2-oh ye of little faith! We will see; but he is probably right. After all, when we tried to do our own all nighter we only made it to 1 in the morning.
2. Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Sioux City, IA with my parents shopping! While shopping we found some jean overalls for Klayton!
3. We still have boxes to be unpacked from our move. Were getting close, it's just that my energy wanes very quickly these days.
4. Tomorrow I will be 27 weeks-the final week of my 2nd trimester! Yay!
5. Joseph has been diligently making phone calls in an effort to book meetings for us from January to April-Klayton will become quite the little traveler in his young life!
6. We signed up to take a tour of the birth place! I'm excited and will probably enjoy the tour until they show me the stirups on the hospital bed-just looking at those things makes me sick to my stomach.
7. So much to do today. I probably should be cleaning my kitchen, vacuuming my living room, doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom; but here I am...blogging about the things that need to be done.
8. Klayton has become very quiet in my belly the last couple of days. I don't like that I want to feel him move for that reassurance that he is okay. I call this, a symptom of the 1st time pregnant woman!
9. I'm thinking about applying for an online writing job...I have always wanted to be a writer, so we will see what I decide to do.
10. As I complete my tasks for the day and get rested up for my all nighter! I will be hoping that all my readers have a happy Tuesday!

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Melissa said...

I never took classes or toured the birth place because I didn't want to be freaked out.

You really don't see the stirrups. They're built in to the bed, and they only bring them out when it's time to push. I didn't even use them the 2nd time around. :)