Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedded Wednesday

This past Friday, Joseph surprised me and celebrated our 3rd year engagement anniversary! Yes, he actually does remember the day, July 9th, 2007 that he asked me to marry him and I obviously said yes since we have now been married for two and a half years and have a baby on the way! Joseph took me to Olive Garden for soup and salad, gave me 2 dozen white roses-which are my favorite, a huge thing of Trident Cinnamon gum-the only gum I can chew because it doesn't have aspartame and a funny card! It was special and it makes me feel special that my husband remembers days like that and chooses to celebrate them!

But, anyway this past Friday really got me thinking about that special day three years ago and about some young girls at my church that are recently engaged and planning their own weddings! Its so exciting, when the one you have been waiting for finally asks you to share their lives with you-there is a whole new chapter waiting to be written and everything is just perfect...all you can see is the perfection of it all! What a wonderful feeling! I sometimes wish we could keep that feeling forever wouldn't that be great?
But, even though the time of engagement, planning the wedding and going on the honeymoon is great...I am glad that I am where I am at now! It was fun being wooed; but now watching couples go through that stage-it kind of nauseates me, maybe its pregnancy thats doing it to me! Nonetheless, I am thankful for that day three years ago when my best friend asked me to spend my life with him...I am thankful for January 4th, 2008 when I made a vow...I am thankful for February 22nd, 2010 when we realized God would be blessing us with a child and I am thankful for all the days inbetween!

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