Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Up All Night!

Well, I actually did it-I stayed up all night! I went to my friend Deanna's all night scraping party, my husband was convinced I would be asleep at 2 a.m! I proved him wrong-I didn't go to sleep until 7 this morning when my friend Danielle dropped me off from the party! I had so much fun and it was great to spend time with my girlfriends! I didn't get a ton of scrapping done, just 2 pages; but the laughs and conversation was worth so many memories!
I was getting pretty concerned about the lack of love taps coming from Klayton in my belly. Saturday, he was moving and pushing my belly and then suddenly he has been quiet. When he does move its been so subtle and quick that I have a hard time picking up on it-which makes for a nervous mama! I wanna feel my baby move! Last night, at the party, I thought I had felt him move and told my friend Jessica. Jessica, wanted to feel him-so, I let her touch my belly and the little stinker didn't do a thing! So, she started poking and rubbing my belly all in an effort to feel my little man and all her poking and rubbing paid off because we realized he must be a night owl baby! Literally every hour to hour and a half I was able to feel Klayton move! I've felt him today some; but nothing like last night-I just wish he would be that active during the day! Someone told me, that when he decides to make his appeareance in this world that it will probably be during the night because that is when he is most active! I almost have a gut feeling that they are right!
At church tonight I was talking to a midwife about how Klayton only has a 2 vessel cord and we were talking about birth weight. I have heard that its common for baby to follow our genes and be born at least around my weight...I weighed approximately 9 lbs 2 oz when I was born and she informed me that I needed to consider my husband to and he was 8 1/2 lbs when he was born. So, I have been wondering am I going to have a big baby? I've been kind of hoping for a 7 lb baby...she told me that it could very well be! Very rarely are 2 vessel cord babies born weighing more than 7 lbs! So, we will see!
Next week, I go in for my glucose test and from there I begin seeing my doctor every other week! Its hard to believe that I will be in my 3rd trimester! Time seems to be passing quickly, yet at the same time the days seem to drag and October seems out of reach! So, please October hurry up and get here!
Well, I think the weariness from my all nighter is beginning to settle in and my pillow is calling my name and I think I will be obedient to the pillow and pillow my head for the night!

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Melissa said...

The scrapbook party sounds fun!

My little guy moves around quite a bit... sometimes it feels like it's nonstop. And he always lets me know when he doesn't want my hand there, or either of my daughters messing with his "home" (as my hubby calls it).

At your next appointment, you'll probably get a kick count pamphlet... it tells you how to monitor the kicks. Try laying down when you're worried he's not moving much, on your right side, and place your hand on your belly and count how many times he moves or kicks in 30 minutes. And if you're really concerned- you always can call the OB.

Get ready to chug the orange stuff!! :) Haha. It's really not that bad- like flat sunkist.