Friday, January 21, 2011

3 Months

Klayton, You are 3 months:
*You wear size 1 diapers
*You are 23 ½ inches long
*You weigh 10 lbs. 2 oz-getting to be quite the chunker, even though you don’t look like it!
*You wear 0-3 month clothes, some straight 3 month if they have been washed! If you wear anything newborn its usually for the last time.
*You love to smile…you are such a happy baby! When I change your diaper and say pu-wee you get the biggest, cutest smile!
*You love to talk back to us!
*You are not that crazy about tummy time; but we keep plugging away in hopes you will come to like it!

This month, you:
*Had your 1st shots
*Laughed for the 1st time! We keep trying to get you to do it again; but you refuse! So, yes you can be stubborn!
*Sucked your thumb for the 1st time and for the only time so far! Daddy is pretty grateful that this has not become a habit! I must admit it was pretty cute to wake up to though!
*Celebrated your 1st Christmas
*Celebrated your 1st New Years and you even stayed up until midnight to ring it in!
*Went to Nebraska, Utah, Nevada and California for the first time!

Dear Klayton,
Seriously? Three months? I have a feeling time is just going to continue to pass as quickly as it already has. I don’t even know how to explain my love for you; but each day I wake up loving you more!
God has truly blessed our lives with you, you are such a good baby-happy and content! Wherever we go, people are always raving about how good you are! It makes daddy and me proud! I don’t deserve you. I am so blessed.
These past few weeks have been rough on me; but you are the sunshine in that roughness. You are so loved…I love you for the sunshine that you bring to my life, I love you for the tears you shed, I love you even for the diapers you mess-I love you for everything you are to me and I love you no matter what!

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