Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quick Update

So, currently we are in Mariposa, California! Mariposa seems to be a tourist town as its just an hour outside Yosemite National Park. Joseph, Klayton and I walked the downtown shops yesterday and they all seemed to have the New Age feel to them-I really hate the scent of incense burning. Yuck.
Tomorrow its off to Bakersfield for the week, were going to be using a prophets chamber for the week. It will be great to kick back for the week and not have to travel. I am hoping to find some time to scrap book, I brought Klayton’s baby book along with me! I am also looking forward to not having to be in the van for long periods of time-I’m still trying to get back into the groove of traveling.
The last two churches we have been in have treated us wonderfully! This past Wednesday, the church in Ventura spoiled us with a gift basket and even spoiled Klayton with his own gift basket! A gift basket for Klayton was really special to us as that was the first church to think of Klayton in that way! The basket was filled with blocks, pajamas, bibs, socks and onesies!
Can I just admit that being on a diet is not all that fun? I am thinking about the Milky Way candy bar that’s in the vending machine…I had one yesterday and it was so fresh and good! Ahh! I really would like to get one tonight; but I know if I am going to stay on track I need to say no…its hard to withstand the pressure of knowing something tastes so good!
Well, life is more interesting to talk about when I am posting about Klayton! Oh well, I hope I didn’t bore you to much!

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Carter Family Adventures said...

You can never bless a mother more than when you bless her children! So happy Klayton got his own basket. :)