Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Time to Get Serious/Day 1

I am still 4 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and 25 lbs from my first goal towards weight loss. I have tried to get the motivation to lose weight and then it seems there is always something that happens. Example #1: Six weeks after giving birth, my doctor clears me to begin an exercise program. The following week, Klayton is admitted to the hospital for a week long visit and then the week he is discharged it is discovered that I will be having my gall bladder removed. Example #2: We are now back on the road. Fast food joints, eating in peoples homes...are a small part of my current food journey. Frankly, its hard to eat healthy on the road and to exercise.
So, today my mom and I are challenging one another to lose weight! Whoever loses the most weight by the time of my brother's wedding in May, has to buy the other one either a new outfit or dinner-whatever the winner decides they want. Since, we know (smile) that I am going to be the winner, I am announcing that I want a new outfit!
To help keep me motivated, I am going to log my weight loss journey on here. To start, I must admit-I am to prideful to announce my current weight. Once I lose all the weight I will then tell my starting weight, however, when I do find a scale to weigh myself I will document my weight loss. On here I will blog about my exercise, food intake and whatever else may be prevalent to my weight loss.
Something interesting that I learned is, if you want to maintain your current weight-simply multiply your weight times thirteen and that is the daily amount of calories you should be eating to maintain. If you want to lose weight shave off a couple hundred calories...I shaved off 300 calories to begin with!

Food Journal:
*Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, with garlic toast
*2 glasses Sierra Mist
*6 inch oven roasted chicken breast sub. (lettuce, banana peppers, onion and lite mayo)
*44 ounces root beer
*Milky Way candy bar

*In my defense, I started this challenge in the middle of the day. So, hopefully this will improve. I also know that there should be water somewhere in my daily water, and while I hate water I will try and add it to my daily diet. Digusting; but it must be done.

Exercise Journal:
*28 sit ups
*3 minutes of walking in place with my legs spread a part.
*2 minutes of other card
*Walked 4 blocks

Stay tuned for day 2....

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