Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hotel Review

So, I totally spaced these two hotels out...we stayed in a hotel every night last week; but one!
Motel 6, Winnemucca, Nevada:

This was actually one of the better, Motel 6's in spite of the outside appearing run down. We don't usually like hotels with outdoor entrances and very rarely put ourselves up for the night in hotels like that. But, a church we were in put us up in it. It was conveniently located by a Pizza Hut, Long John Silver and a KFC. The room was clean and thats the main factor! What I don't like about Motel 6 is that you have to pay an additional $3.00 for internet service. And, while the room was clean and the bed comfy, I did not get good sleep because the paper thin walls allowed me to hear everything that was going on in the next room.

The bathroom was clean. The shower stayed hot and had great water pressure.

And, for the question, would we stay here again? If we had to yes: but we would prefer somewhere different.

Hotel Rosedale, Bakersfield, California:

We had a great stay here! The room was excellent, it was big and roomy! The room had a refrigerator, microwave in it! Our room overlooked the courtyard and had a nice balcony to sit in! We slept with our patio door slightly cracked and felt perfectly safe. The hotel is conveniently located off the interstate; but the sound of cars did not keep us awake. The bed was quite comfortable and we had a great night of sleep!

The bathroom was quite clean! The shower, had great water pressure and the water stayed hot-notice the shower is very important to me! What was nice about the bathroom is that there was counter space in the bathroom and just outside the bathroom-more than enough room for two people to get ready in the morning!

The hotel had a continental breakfast that offered waffles. The breakfast was pretty good; but I am beginning to decide unless a hotel offers something amazing for breakfast I should just remain in bed and enjoy my sleep! The hotel was also very quiet and the staff was very pleasant!
Would we stay here again? MOST DEFINITELY!

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