Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do These Hotels Pass the Test?

I have laid in bed for over a hour, hoping that sleep would find me. I really am tired; but yet, I can’t sleep. I hate sleepless nights. However, on this night a great idea has popped into my head! I should do hotel reviews…we stay in many hotels during our travels and who knows you may someday find yourselves in the places we have been! In the past week, we have stayed at three different hotels….I can’t remember anything before this week! So, here it goes:
Vagabond Inn Executive, Los Banos, California:

The room we stayed in pretty much looked like the one pictured below! Clean and big! It was nice to have something other than a bed and desk chair to sit on-the couch was a nice accommodation to the room! Our room had a king bed in it and it was very comfortable, needless to say we had a great nights sleep! The room also had a microwave and refrigerator! The bathroom was also clean-the shower had decent water pressure and the water stayed hot!

The website for the hotel claims to have a breakfast buffet; but we learned it was more of a continental breakfast with waffles. Kind of disappointing. We were expecting more, nowadays it seems most hotels that offer a continental breakfast include waffles so we were expecting more. However, the waffles were good!
Drawback to the hotel was its location. We approached it from the interstate and could not enter from our side of the street so we had to circle the block to get to it. But, if thats the only drawback I can handle it!
So, the question remains, would we stay here again? MOST DEFINITELY!
Vagabond Inn, Oxnard, California:

The room we stayed in is basically like the one pictured below; but DIRTY. The room had a refrigerator, which was nice. The bed was comfortable and appeared clean! We also had internet access! The carpets in the room however, were dirty after I showered in the shower that did not have a shower curtain, I walked on the carpet and my feet started to turn black-disgusting.

The bathroom was clean, it was just very aged. The water pressure was not very good and I felt very exposed showering without a shower curtain! Also, the water never really got hot.
I don't know how the continental breakfast was, I wasn't to crazy about trying it out.
The question remains, would we stay here again? MOST DEFINITELY NOT!!
Super 8, Mariposa, California:

The room we stayed in pretty much looked like the one below! The room was a great size, with a king bed, table and 2 chairs! After staying in the previous hotel, we were very grateful for a room that was clean and carpets that did not turn our feet black! The bed was very comfortable! With the room being as big as it was, we didn't feel cramped which was nice since this was our home for 3 nights!

The bathroom was quite big! Big enough for two people to share the same counter and mirror and not get in one anothers way! The water pressure was great and it stayed hot!]

The hotel staff was very friendly and very attentive to our every need! It offered a simple continental breakfast; but thats fine!
And the question remains, would we stay here again? MOST DEFINITELY!

*Since I just had this bright idea, I will have to work on perfecting how I do my reviews! Bear with me and in time I will become a professional hotel reviewer!

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