Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. We had a wonderful 4th! We took Klayton to his 1st parade, visited street vendors, filled a shirt tote with water as a makeshift pool for Klayton, had ice cream, took a walk with friends , watched fireworks with friends...and that was one long sentence!
2. Yesterdays activities wore Klayton out and I think he is still recovering from that and all his bug bites.
3. We are considering signing Klayton up for swim lessons. He is such a water baby and we think he will love it!
4. This could possibly turn into an all about Klayton post.
5. We are working on the sippy cup and he is doing so good! Were having problems with him holding it though; but we can't complain.
6. I feel so blessed to be a mommy...we waited so long for Klayton and I still get overwhelmed by the goodness of God.
7. Klayton has never been much of a cuddler; but there are moments and in those moments I dont mind stopping everything and soaking it in.
8. Its easy to come up with random thoughts when its all about my baby.
9. I've been putting it off all day but once I post this...I. MUST. GO. CLEAN. KLAYTONS. ROOM.
10. I hope this found you all having a good Tuesday.

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Lindsay said...

I love reading your "10 on Tuesdays" :)