Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! Yes, I know its no longer the 4th...however, I am a slow blogger and I am just now posting about our 4th so just go with it and pretend it wasn't a week ago!

We took Klayton to his first parade!

He didn't get any candy this year...maybe next year! So, he decided to let my friend Kris-Ann's kids get the candy and I think they had lots of fun filling their candy bag!

It was so hot outside and Klayton and daddy were ready to move on from the parade and get in some shade!

So, after the parade we went and visited some booths that were set up at the local park and took Klayton swinging!

By the time we got Klayton home, he was pretty whipped!

After we got home, Klayton took a nap and then we let him play in his makeshift pool! He is definitely a water baby!

Later in the day we met up with some friends for Coldstone, took a long walk and enjoyed the fireworks-which Klayton loved! Unfortunately, we live in a small town and there was a long pause at one point which Klayton promptly fell asleep at! After the fireworks were over my friend Jessica and her girls came for a little visit and we sat out in the back chatting!
In spit of many bug bites I would have to say Klayton had a great first Fourth of July!

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