Friday, July 29, 2011

Don't Know Much

Over on Kellys Korner, its Show Us Your Life-best parenting advice. I still consider myself a new mommy as Klayton is now 9 1/2 months...with that being said I still have a lot to learn! So, I thought I would share some examples of lessons I've learned or parenting advice I've recieved that I thought was just awesome!
When Klayton was "brand new" on the rare occasion that I would let others hold him! Ha! I was a baby hog then and still am! Anyway, there was a few times that he would spit up and it would get on their clothes...I was quick to apologize! There were times I would have to leave a conversation...this still happens to go change a diaper...I was quick to apologize! One day, a friend was in the church nursery and I passed Klayton to her so I could use the restroom, when I came back I discovered Klayton had soaked through his diaper and once again I was quick to apologize! My friend, then told me there was no need to apologize and I should never feel the need to apologize for baby things we can't control...if I need to excuse myself to change a diaper, or feed him-I'm simply taking care of.a need. I should never have to apologize for taking care of my childs needs. So, guess what I simply excuse myself now and hope those around me understand!
Klayton is an extremely content baby...fussy days are few and far between-I am so blessed. I remember being in a church to share our ministry. Klayton was having a fussy day-he was cutting teeth and didn't feel good. A lady walked by me and said, "my what a fussy baby you have!" I was quick to say, hes cutting teeth. She walked away and soo after Klayton was fine. A few hours later dinner was being served and Klayton was once again fussy...guess who walked by? Yep, you guessed it...as she walked by she remarked, "he is so fussy...that must be all he does". At first I was embarrassed; but then I decided, oh well, I know the truth and its not my job or worth my time to try and change her mind. People are always going to see what they want to see...I learned that day...I and my husband know our child better than anyone else...we know the circumstances. I say that to say, at one point or another someone is going to pass judgement on you, your child, behavior or about how you are dealing with a situation and it may or may not be an accurate judgement. However, if you know you are doing the best you can by Gods example of leadership...then go ahead dust their judgement off your feet and keep moving on.
As I said, I don't know much and the above advice is pretty simple; but I'm learning that sometimes the simplest of things is the hardest of things to remember!


Deanna said...

You know more than you think you know! Always trust your gut!

Katie said...

Cute blog! I hope over from Kellys Korner!