Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Getaway

Four years ago, this past Saturday-July 9th this man asked me to be his wife and I obviously said yes!

Since then its been a crazy journey and we are now working towards 4 years of marriage this January 4th, 2012! Pure craziness!
Every year we try to do something to remember our engagement day…its usually lunch and white roses! Always so sweet! However, this year he had a different kind of surprise in mind.
Joseph arranged for my parents to come up on Friday and spend the night with Klayton. I must admit this mama did cry as I gave my Babycakes a hug goodbye. This was my first time to leave him overnight; but I’m thankful that he was with my parents.

We didn’t travel to far, just 15 minutes to a hotel in Sioux Falls. We got a date night package, which included a one night hotel stay at the Clubhouse and dinner at Foley’s. The hotel was beautiful-they even upgraded us to a suite!

After getting settled into our room the hotel had someone drive us over to the restaurant! We both had salad, garlic mashed potatoes and steak! We even had enough on our gift card for some turtle cheesecake

and a drink for Joseph….

Mmm, what exactly is he thinking drinking that?! Ha! Its actually a grasshopper shake! So fun!

Once we came back from the hotel we sat at their back patio where the fire pits were blazing and we just relaxed.
It was so weird going to bed and knowing my baby wasn’t in the next room. I really missed him and it didn’t feel right being away from him, however it was good for Joseph and I to get away and just be alone. I told him, I think one overnight stay away from our baby is more than enough for me this year though!
Klayton did survive and I only called to check on him three times! And many thanks to my parents for coming and staying with Klayton…I don’t think they minded one bit!

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Tia V. said...

HOW FUN! WE haven't had a night away from the kiddos (other than for a hospital stay to have another child) in a long time! The best gift you can give to your sweet little Klayton is to stay in love with his Daddy! Those nights away (although a bit hard sometimes) are so important! Glad you guys have your parents to leave him with so you can sneek in just one night away!! :D