Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1st. This past Friday my sweetheart, aka Joseph, took me for an overnight hotel stay and dinner.
2nd. This overnight stay did not include Klayton and yes this mama cried when she left him behind. More on our weekend later.
3rd. I'm considering selling Scentsy. I can almost guarantee that I would make my 1st goal as they now sell Michigan Wolverine warmers! It would only cost $100 to start up and it wouldn't be hard to make that back. Maybe, when we have extra money I will do it...
4th. This weekend my mom and I will be doing a garage sale. I hope to make lots of money! I will also be selling some of my jewelry.
5th. Speaking of jewelry, my giveaway is over. Sadly, no one participated in the giveaway.
6th. Last week I bought 2 shirts from Kohls for $1...they were on clearance and I had one coupon-go me!
7th. Klayton has started waking in the night...1-2 times. I can't figure it out, he used to sleep through the night.
8th. We finally got rain last night. I love the sound of rain.
9th. Okay mommies, how did you introduce food that required chewing before swallowing? When I give him puffs Klayton just swallows them whole causing him to gag. Eating is our difficult area.
10th. I hope this finds you having a Happy Tuesday and if any of reading this are not a follower; but blog leave me your blog addresses so I can hop on over for some good reads!


Melissa said...

French Fries. Or Cheerios.

bennytot said...

7 - he is probably going through a growth spurt! you will find everytime he does, everything is thrown off - his sleep, eating, schedule...
9 - gerber makes those biter biskits. they can be bitten off but they melt away when wet, so you get the chewing action with out the risk. When mine were young we baked our own. There are recipes online.