Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Party

October 21st was a big day for Klayton! Not only did he turn one; but he got to switch to a front facing carseat! Yay!

Apparently, its very comfy!

The day started by taking Klayton to get his 1 year pictures taken. Being one is serious stuff, so he didn't crack alot of smiles; but we managed to get some cute pictures!
After pictures we took Klayton to get his free cupcake from Barnes and Noble! Earlier in the year we signed Klayton up for their kids club, so I thought it was pretty cute when they sent Klayton an email with the coupon! Unfortunately, he wasn't to impressed with the cupcake.

It was finally time for the party at 2! Since were not home, I held a party at my inlaws for Klayton and had quite a bit of extended family come!

We sang Happy Birthday to Klayton and he didn't quite know what to think!

He wanted nothing to do with his smash cake, so I shared my cookie with him!

And, then what every kid looks forward to...presents! Every kid but Klayton!

He kept trying to crawl away from opening the presents! We did manage to get him to stick around for a few presents!

Overall, Klayton had a great birthday and was very spoiled!

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Lindsay said...

GREAT pictures from the party - such a big boy in his new carseat :)