Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Good Day

*I should acknowledge that my post last night was not because Klayton was refusing to sleep, rather him wanting his way and wanting to win! I don't think I was clear on that in my post.*

Today was a pretty good day. We are currently in Litchfield, New Hampshire where we are getting ready to finish up a missions conference.

The ladies hosted a tea/brunch and I was able to be their guest speaker! I really do enjoy speaking to ladies. I spoke about their theme, Here Am I; Send Me-my focus was on surrender and willingness. We cannot be truly surrendered without follow through and often as ladies our spirit will easily surrender; but then when it doesn't go our way or the way we like it, we take it back!
At the end of the tea, the ladies presented me with a sweet gift basket with lots of nice goodies. But, what I loved most about the basket was the book for Klayton! It means so much to me when people think of Klayton...it makes my heart happy. Also, during our time here the couple we are staying with have really bonded with Klayton. Klayton loves to sit in their lap, on the "rocking recliner" and "help" rock it or just sit in their arms and relax.
Tonight there was a dinner at the church, catered by Cracker Barrel-it was really yummy! Ugh, I'm really supposed to be dieting and its getting more and more difficult to do when I am being served such good food and with vanilla Coke being served. I really wish the midwest would get with it and start selling Vanilla Coke... On the other hand if they did that I would really have to exercise even more...ha!

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