Saturday, October 22, 2011

! Year

Klayton you are One:

This month:
*We started brushing your teeth.
*Weaned you off formula, you drink strictly milk.
*Introduced chocolate milk and Sunny D
*Left you in the nursery for Sunday School
*Moved you to a front facing carseat.
*Went to Conneticut and Massachusset.


*Wear size 3 diapers
*Wear a size 3 shoe
*I have put you in 12 month clothes, pants run a little big at times-especially in the waist. Sometimes your shirts are a little long or wide.
*You like to drink juice boxes; but were still battling the straw cup verse the bottle.
*Love to be rocked and rock yourself. Its funny because you are not always sitting in a rock chair; but your still rocking!
*You are beginning to do better with chewing before swallowing.
*Love dogs, they make you smile and laugh. Thankfully, so far the dogs have put with your tugs and pokes.
*Still working on what looks like tooth number 9 and 10.
*Are beginning to test your boundaries, I think you are going to be walking unassisted in no time.
*You have started to grind your teeth in-between bites of food. Will have to break that habit.
*Clap your hands all the time!
*Love to look and play with yourself in the mirror! So funny!
*Are very curious, if its within your reach you are grabbing it and checking it out.
*Help me when I dress you. You know where your arms go when I put your shirt on...what a big helper you are!
*Becoming very vocal. Sometimes you are quite the chatter box at night, we love talking with you-you have a lot to say!
*Are a typical boy and hog the remote control.
*Enjoy being read to, I think you will have the same love for books that daddy and I have.
*Are the fastest crawler I know!
*Are still having clingy, I want my mommy moments...and I love it!
*Have become such the observer, you don't miss a thing!
*Love frozen yogurt and for that matter any yogurt!
*Love to sit behind the steering wheel and pretend to drive!
*Have become a little piggy at meal time.
*Like to play with lips, noses and hair.
*Have discovered the art of head butting.
* Like to be hung upside down.
*Love watching tv.
*Enjoy playing with other kids...and are already possessive of your toys. If someone has your toy you notice and want it back. We are going to teach you about the word sharing.

Dear Klayton,
I can't believe you are one, seriously where did the time go? I have loved every minute of this year and wish I could freeze time and keep this time as it is! But, as I said before growing is the necessity of life. So, I look forward to the years ahead and watching you grow and develop your personality.
I will continue though to freeze time for just a moment when you snuggle in close so that my memories can remain vivid as the years go on and so that I can truly enjoy each moment I have with you!
Happy Birthday!

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