Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday Week...What I Love About You

12 Things, in no particular order that I love about you, Klayton:

1. The way you "dance" when you hear us making your bottle. Your mouth opens wide before we even offer the bottle...you hold out your hands beaconing us to hurry.
2. Your moments of being shy. When you pull out the "shy card" it usually means that you are going to snuggle into me-get as close as you can to me. I love those moments that I get to squeeze you a little tighter.
3. I love that you love to be rocked or being able to rock yourself-even if you are not in a rocking chair! Sometimes when you are being rocked, you will start to rock your body as if to say, "faster...faster".
4. I love that you have a ticklish spot right below your ribs!
5. That in the mornings you wake up with bed head! It's so adorable...
6. How you are the most easy going baby that I've ever met! And, I'm not the only one who thinks this...I am constantly hearing this from people we meet on the road. People are always surprised about your "lack" of "fussing" and always raving about your sweet spirit. I pray you never lose that sweetness.
7. I love how it never fails that if we have a can or bottle of Coke, you want it! We think it's the red label that gets your attention-maybe your favorite color is red!
8. I love that you already a typical boy and by that I mean, you are my little remote hog! If the remote is within reach, you have it and at times have turned channels or turned the tv off on us!
9. Yesterday you waved at me as I walked away from you and daddy to the rest area. Usually you wave after a person has already passed.
10. The way you love squash and peaches! I give you one spoonful and before I can even get another spoonful your mouth is open and ready as you lean forward for more. I can't feed you your favorite food fast enough!
11. The way you laugh! You laugh at some of the weirdest things! I love your laugh, it seems to roll from your belly.
12. I love that you are my babycakes! I love you, I loved my first moments with you and I've loved everything in-between then and now! I love you!

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Lindsay said...

This is a really cute idea to do a whole week's worth of posts about him :) He is such a sweetie!! LOVED the birthday party invites :)