Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Product Reviews

I have been thinking about doing this post for a few days; but have held because I know these reviews won't apply to all my readers. However, since I have readers that are in the same boat as my me...first time mommy...I know it can be helpful to hear what others have tried, why they have tried and what did or.didn't work for them!
1. Graco Nautilus
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We recently switched Klayton to a front facing car seat. The board of pediatrics recommends waiting until a child is two. I asked my doctor and she said while its best its not always safest. For example Klayton was already hanging over his infant carseat and she said being rear facing in an accident could injure his little legs ve ry badly. She told us wait until hes one and 20 lbs then switch him to front facing. However, this mommy was a little apprehensive putting him in a big old carseat. So, we looked and looked! Finally deciding on this one:

I liked this one because of all the extra padding that surrounds him and as he grows the padding that cushions my tiny boy can be removed! We also chose this one because the back rest is able to extend upward to accommodate a growing boy as well as eventually be removed when he only needs the booster seat. Joseph really liked the idea of the cupholder in the arm rest as well as the "secret" compartments in the arm rest that could hide toys or snacks for Klayton! Another thing I like is the ability to tighten the shoulder straps with a simple tug on the front base of the car seat. I dont know if its just Klayton but his straps always seem to become very loose, when he was in his infant car seat at least.
2. Nuby No-spill flipn'sip:

Oh the battle of bottle verse sippy cup! This battle was no fun; but we managed to find victory in this straw cup! The straw is bendable so it curves to whatever direction Klayton wants it to go and has a flip lid for straw access that I think Klayton will figure out in no time! According to my husband this is an excellent cup with poor design because unfortunately it will not fit in our new car seat cupholder because the handles come from the bottom.

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