Monday, November 21, 2011

13 Months

Klayton you are 13 months!

This month:
• Started drinking from a straw cup! Yay!
• Transitioned to a front facing car seat
• Had your 1st haircut
• You were introduced to pizza, ravioli, nutrigrain bars, lasagna, toast, chocolate milk, sunny d, potato soup, baked beans...
• Went to Rhode Island

• Wear size 4 diapers.
•12 month clothes
•Wear size 3 shoes, some 4
• Love to be hung upside down.
• Like to drink from mommy and daddy's cup at dinner
• Eat a cup of yogurt and a piece of buttered toast for breakfast
• Do not like cottage cheese
• You are now taking steps
• Likes to pretend to bury things
• When focusing intently on something your mouth hangs wide open as you concentrate
• Very vocal
• Still love to clap
• Constantly on the move, you can't seem to sit still for a second
• Hate having your diaper changed in the morning
• Love chocolate, vanilla pudding
* Enjoy being chased
* When you drink your chocolate milk, you literally chug it from the straw, hilarious!

Some things I dont want to forget:
• This is from a while ago; but it must be recorded! Your fake cough! When we took you into see Dr. Klein back in August, we inquired about a "cough" you had. We didn't think it was real; but seriously how many babies have a fake cough?! While we were in her office you indeed coughed and she started laughing and confirmed it to be a fake cough! You sure know how to get attention...
• When I give you pudding you get so excited! Your legs start kicking! When I have a spoonful ready, I just have to hold it still and you dive in for it! No surprise that it ends up all over your face as well as on me!

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