Sunday, November 27, 2011

Missionary Wife: The Beautiful and the Ugly

**I have decided to do a serious of posts about my life as a MW (missionary wife). This is just a way to let you briefly peek into my life.**

So, life as a missionary wife can be very interesting. There is more to it than traveling the country side, enjoying the sites. There are aspects of it that are beautiful and then there is an ugly side. I love being a missionary wife because I know I am right where God wants me!
Some of you may not know what a missionary does. A missionary is someone who feels God has asked them to be a witness for Him here in the United States or abroad. My husband believes we are to be missionaries in Norway where we will tell others about Christ and will start churches. But, before we can get to Norway and so we can devote all of our time to sharing Christ with Norwegians and starting churches we must do this thing called deputation. Currently, Joseph, Klayton and I are on deputation, we travel around the United States for months at a time sharing with churches about our burden for Norway, hoping that they will take us on for financial support. Usually, a missionary will gain financial support from one out of twelve churches they have been in. In our case this can make deputation very long as we have alot of money to raise.

The beautiful side of being a missionary wife is I get to meet and make new friends, visit historical sites and states that I have always wanted to see. Visit fun places and catch up with friends that I wouldn't otherwise see. Sometimes I get spoiled by churches we go to, like one time a church member of a church in New Mexico bought me my very first Coach bag! Yay!
The ugly side of being a missionary wife is that there are moments of being homesick, feeling lonely. Sometimes you don't feel like you can be yourself because you are constantly being watched. Some people think that as a missionary wife that there are certain luxuries I shouldn't be allowed, like carrying my Coach bag. It can also be hard to be in church after church and not pick up a new supporting church.

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