Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Haircut

I've known this day has been coming as the hair was beginning to grow over the ears. Well, I wanted to take Klayton to a "cute" place, you know a place he could sit in a fire truck or an animal chair. After making tons of phone calls, we found out there was a place like that near my grandparents! I was so excited until my grandma informed me how much they would probably charge...I called hoping that an infants cut would be cheaper; because really he doesn't have THAT MUCH hair! Apparently, you pay to sit in the chair because infant cuts start out at $18 and depending what they do and the length of time they may possibly charge more...I just couldn't get a straight answer. So, it was off to Cost Cutters for a $10 haircut!
I'm so glad we decided on the "cheap" place because little man slept through it all!

Klayton didn't even flinch when she buzzed around the ears...

I should mention that I find this pretty cute...daddy holding his baby for his first haircut!

And about 10 minutes after the haircut began, it was over and Klayton woke up! Unaware that he just had a haircut!

Doesn't he look cute?

And, we now present Klayton with a certificate for his first haircut...he doesn't seem to crazy about it!


Carter Family Adventures said...

Cute! I was a little sad when Noah got his first haircut, but also so proud to have a handsome little boy. :)

Lindsay said...

Kenny, this is so precious! That is so adorable that he slept through the whole thing... love him!